Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Ealing's Parking Services to be tested?

Ealing Councillors will go undercover to find out what it's like to receive a parking ticket.

This is to see if the Council's Parking Service is being well run and whether resident permit holders and other motorists are being treated fairly.

The services to be tested are such as buying a parking permit, reclaiming a vehicle from the car pound or challenging or paying a fine.

The people under scrutiny for a few weeks will be fully aware of this and will be on their best behaviour.

The result for people in Southall can only be:
  • residents/shoppers temporarily get a better service

  • and make this test a redundant exercise as it would not be monitoring the real situation
The council would be better advised to spell out exactly when a person can be booked and when the parking attendant has stepped out of line to earn his bonus.
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Friday, 10 August 2007

Lousy NatWest Business Service

Already got a business account with NatWest and thinking of applying for a “Business Charge Card” (Credit card for limited companies), then read about the experiences of one Southall business before you apply for one.

“To apply, you need to visit your nearest branch to arrange a meeting with your local Business Manager.” – Who more than likely does not work at your local branch?

By a stroke of luck, you receive an application form in the post. You fill it in and post it. After 3 weeks of waiting, you phone the credit card people only to be told that they have no record of your application.

You ring up your local Business Manager and get no response because he is on holiday.
You ring up the NatWest Business line, where they note down your problem but pass it onto your local Business Manager, who after coming back from holiday, investigates it and says they have no record of your application.

After having wasted 4 weeks, would you like to make an appointment to meet your local Branch Manager to discuss your needs or just let him to post another application form to you?

“Ok, I will pop over and fill in the application to avoid any further delay.”

“Sorry, not this week. I am a fully booked up NatWest Business Manager, how about next week?”


How long does the process normally takes. About 3 weeks I am told (4 weeks if you include getting hold of the application form first).

Is the Sole Trader credit card application any Different?
NatWest are king enough to provide their Sole traders with the useless information that it only “takes a few minutes” to fill in their online application but nothing at all about how long they will take to process their application.

Do large high street banks really operate at this amazing speed?
How do they make billions by providing such lousy service?
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