Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pakistan through to cricket Twenty20 Final

The Pakistan cricket team have beaten South Africa in the Twenty20 Semi-Final.

You can hear the delight of Pakistan fans all around Southall Broadway.

Even Chaudhry's TKC Tiara bus is driving around with fans on board.

They fans had earlier been watching the match on big screens at Chaudhry's TKC,
the official caterers of the Pakistan Cricket team in the UK.

You can even buy Pakistan cricket kits from there.
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Friday, 5 June 2009

Apology from Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP

Residents of Southall have received letters from the Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologising on behalf of all political parties.

He knows that "people are angry about MPs' expenses."

They will be further incensed to recieve this letter.

Politicians have no morals when it comes to spending other peoples money.

It makes no differences if it's the government money or the Labour party money.
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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ealing Council to gate more alleyways across the borough

Hundreds of homes will be made more secure after Ealing Council agreed a £720,000 programme to gate alleyways across the borough.

135 more alleyways will be fitted with gates over the next two years to reduce the risk of burglary, flytipping and anti-social behaviour.

The council pays around £200 for each home secured by installing alley gates, reducing the risk of burglars breaking into homes unseen and can also help prevent drug dealing and anti-social behaviour.

That is over £5300 per alley way – is that value for money?

The two year programme will make over 2,500 households safer, this is in addition to the 1,380 households secured over 2008/09.

Susan Parsonage, Director of Safer Communities, said: "These gates help to secure vulnerable alleyways and can also act as a deterrent to anyone trying to use the alley for anything criminal."

"We are determined to make Ealing safer and this scheme has a great impact on reducing crime and also giving residents whose areas were previously blighted by anti-social behaviour greater peace of mind."

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