Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Silly attitude from Ealing Council

When you phone in to report that Ealing Council hired contractors have not done their job, the silly person at the other end may blame you for their incompetence.

I had like to report that the newspaper recycling service that operates every week failed to collect from my house today, aswell as last time.

Did they also forget to do your neighbours?
How the hell do I know?
They may not have left out anything today.

Where did you leave the item?
Near the front door, in the green box, clearly visible.

Oh, you need to order a special collection for that.
We expect you to leave the box near the front garden gate for normal collection.

It is a very small garden.
The front door is only 5 feet away from the garden gate.
It is placed where it is clearly visible.
There have been no problems before.

Placing it near the garden gate would make it difficult for the collection team to view as they don't waste time making careful observations.

Oh, alright, I will register it as a missed collection.

Thank you and good riddance.
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