Friday, 10 January 2014

UK Claims Department

"We have received information that you were involved in a car accident in the last 3 years and you can claim compensation."
"I get 3 such calls every days. Why do you keep bothering me?"
"You can claim compensation. That is why we keep calling."
"You are not supposed to call me. If you don't stop - I will report you."
"You can, if you want."
"What company are you calling from?"
"UK Claims Department"
"Not the department. What company are you calling from?"
"UK Claims Department"
"What is you address?"
"I don't now. What do I tell him."
"Tell him, you are based in Southall."
"I don't want 'based in Southall'. I want the actual address."
"I don't know."

So much for being on the "don't bother me with spam calls" list.

No longer in a mood to be nice to these parasites.

Reminds of the time when some one said "Yes, I did have an accident."
The details.
I was in the car - in a rush to relieve my self - that was the accident.
The guy simply hung up and won't bother calling again. Read more!