Saturday, 21 July 2007

How much are 5 Labour Councillors worth?

When 5 Labour councillors in Southall defected to the Conservatives, it was seen as fantastic news for them.

The Conservatives were even talking of winning in Southall. These councillors urged their supporter to vote for the Conservatives. Did they? By the looks of the general election results, the voters totally ignored the defectors advice.

The only people who took their advice were probably their own families, the rest of the voters stay put. This just goes to show that the voter’s allegiance is with the political party and not the councillors

The only way these councillors could have taken "some" of the voters with them was by having demonstrated some leadership/success on some important local issue instead of lots of unresolved issues outstanding, after years and years of being in office.

Will these councillors be re-elected? If this election results in Southall is anything to go by, that looks unlikely.
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