Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Aaj Pakistan ki izzat heh

The official Pakistan Government line is that
"Aaj Pakistan ki izzat heh"
"Today Pakistan is respected through out the world".

People (may) respect the country of Pakistan
but they have utter contempt for General Musharraf actions.

This single stupid act of his, shows his contempt for the people of Pakistan and democracy.

Nobody in their right mind can be proud of the actions of the Pakistan government or be deluded into thinking that Pakistan can retain any respect after this.
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General Aslam Baig on Pakistan emergency Rule

General Mirza Aslam Baig was Chief of Staff of the Pakistani army from 1988 to 1991. He took over the post after the death of General Zia-ul-Haq in an air crash.

He spoke to Geo TV today.
General (retired) Aslam Baig said that everything happening in Pakistan was carried out with the full approval of the US and was only done for the benefit of General Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto.

The so called emergency rule is in fact worse than martial law, as there is no appeal for any of its victim.

The outcome of the farcical democratic election will be far from free and fair. The result will be jobs for the boys in the establishment and a very weak opposition, the same as what happened in 2000.

The press and media will not have same freedom as they enjoyed before this dubious martial law.
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George Bush on Pakistan Emergency Rule

Today, George Bush's message to General Musharraf was clear
Hold the elections as scheduled and take your uniform off”.

  • Stay in power by all means - we love dictators whether in uniform or not.
  • The independent judiciary can pay the price for standing up for Pakistan and democracy.
  • The protesting lawyers can rot in prison for standing up for Pakistan and democracy.
A great democratic and freedom spreading solution.
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Gen Musharraf imposes emergency rule

The imposition of emergency rule in Pakistan by General Musharraf on Saturday and conduct of the country’s police forces have disgusted Pakistanis all over the world.

Gen Musharraf has clearly demonstrated in his own words that he “is committed to the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law and holds the superior judiciary in high esteem” by immediate sacking all senior high court judges who are prepared to uphold the law and placing them under house arrest.

He believes that relentlessly beating protesting lawyers (and judges) by the “completely demoralised” police force and putting these actions “beyond accountability” will have greatly restore the Pakistan police forces confidence.

Sadly, this barbaric attempt by a dictator to stay in power by suspending all accountability, propped up by foreign powers will only disgust decent people all over the world.

Most Pakistanis suspect the whole process has been engineered by the US. They forced Musharraf to allow Benazir Bhutto back into the country, offer her amnesty against corruption charges and negotiate some sort of handover with her.

The West is more interested in seeing Musharraf step down as head of the army but remain in control as President of the country. It is less interested in the destruction of existing democratic institutions and the suspension of the constitution, resulting in:

  • Immediate sacking of all senior high court judges who are prepared to uphold the law

  • Arrest, beating and imprisonment of lawyer who dare to protest

None of these vile acts are likely to be undone. This is the price Pakistan will have to pay to satisfy foreign powers for Musharrafs so called support on the war on terror, once again.

  • The chief justice of the Supreme Court Iftikhar Chaudhry and other judges have been sacked and are under house arrest

  • Cable operators have been stopped from transmitting TV news within the country

  • Radio stations have also been banned from broadcasting news

  • Newspapers may not print anything critical of the government

What message does raiding the offices of the country's leading rights organisation, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, and arresting/detaining them send out to the rest of the world?

As expected, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party appears not to have been targeted in the crackdown.

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Ban the Hindu extremist group RSS

A human rights National Conference was held on Saturday 27th October in Southall to alert the public on the activities of Hindu extremist groups like the RSS.

The objective was to “to help stop the persecution of Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and Daljits within India by Hindu extremists groups such as the RSS by signing a petition (to Prime Minister Gordon Brown) to ban the RSS in the United Kingdom”.

The conference was attended by Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and Jain community leaders.

These included Lord Nazir Ahmed, Avtar Singh Sanghra(Babbar), Tarsem singh (British Sikh council), Gurcharan Singh (Dal Khalsa), Manmohan Singh Khalsa (World Muslim Sikh Federation), Nazar Lodhi (World Muslim Sikh Federation), Sonil (Buddhist community India), Dr Mokel Hazaraka (Assam watch) Hindu community leader and Adran Chada (British Muslim Youth Federation UK).

All the leaders collectively wanted a ban on the RSS and as there was no place for such an organisation in the UK which stood for human rights and tolerance for all communities.

They urged the public to sign the petition (to Prime Minister Gordon Brown) to outlaw and ban the RSS as a Terror Group in the United Kingdom.

The petition which started on July 12, 2007 will remain open for signatures until July 12, 2008. The total number of signatures required to get the RSS banned is 10,000.

The petition states that:

“The RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), is a Hindu Extremist Organisation based within India but receives a large part of its funding from countries such as the UK.

RSS believes that only Hindus should reside within India, the minorities should either come into the Hindu fold or be wiped out. The organisation wish to create a Hindu Super State of Hindutva, Hindu, Hindi and Hindustan. There is no place for minorities.”

The RSS have actively been trying to distort and destroy Sikh history and practises by modifying the history and books.

A Sikh video documentary on Youtube,
Tabhe Ros Jageo, documents what the RSS do. They claim all who reside in India are part of the Hindu ‘Family’.

The organisation had a major role in the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat, along with the destruction of the Babri masjid in Ayodha. The RSS also supported the Indian military attack on the Golden Temple and Sikh genocide in 1984.

The RSS takes its inspiration from Hitler and his Nazi party’s pure race ideology, a recent channel 4 documentary “The Indian miracle?” documents this.

We cannot have groups such as the RSS who spread hate and terror being funded from a nation such as the UK, which values Human Rights and Liberty.
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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Southall Broadway rats

Ealing Council Leader Jason Stacey said:

“And in Southall, wheelie bins will be introduced to those roads where there was majority support for them and it was practical operationally. We believe that by taking rubbish off the streets these bins will really help to tackle the problem of rats in the area, especially around the town centre.” Read more!

Halloween parasites

Halloween night brings out cute little children who put on fancy costumes and go out to have a bit of fun. They knock on their friends and neighbours doors to collect some sweets.

Unfortunately, in Southall, as in other towns, there are some parasites around as well, who have nothing better to do than throw eggs at peoples property for no reason and then run away.

This sort of incident is not just restricted to Halloween, it has happens at other times as well.
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Monday, 1 October 2007

Are McDonalds really offering Halal food in Southall?

Are McDonalds really offering Muslims a Halal chicken menu option in Southall? Make up your own mind after reading this article.

McDonalds have set up a website called make up your own mind and want to give the impression that they wants the customers to decide. The website does not provide the customers with any facts other than marketing gobble-dee-gook .

McDonalds have 2 serious unanswered questions:
  • McDonalds is keen to tell the customer that animal is slaughtered according to the Islamic rules. If they wanted the customer to make up his own mind, then McDonalds would describe their slaughtering process and let their customers decide whether it is halal or not.

  • Right in front of McDonalds in Southall is a large well attended mosque, the Abubakr Mosque. Do the members of the Abubakr Mosque consider McDonalds offerings to be halal?
Without a detailed response from McDonalds to these very 2 serious questions, the customer is in no position to decide whether McDonalds offering is halal or not.

Under these circumstances, the only conclusion to be drawn is that McDonalds offering are NOT halal.

To be fairly certain that you are eating halal food, go the McDonalds website and ask these simple but serious questions and see if McDonalds are prepared to answer them. They have had lots of time to prepare for them.
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Click Mobile UK Ltd customers conned out of thousands?

Click Mobile UK Ltd with offices in Southall and Hounslow is in serious difficulties. The shops have been shut throughtout September, the phones no longer work and the website is no longer operational.

The chances of any customer getting a cashback are non-existent. Nearby residents have been telling a constant flow of cash back caller that the business has been shut for 6 weeks.

Most customers only took the mobile offers due to the large amount of cashback offered. Those desperately relying on the cashback can’t afford to pay any more bills. Talking to the service providers to move to lower tariffs or cancel the contracts without incurring further charges have little chance of success.

This is due to the fact that as long as your phones work, the service providers have done nothing wrong and cannot be held accountable. The cashback deal was with Click Mobile UK Ltd.

It is amazing that in this day and age the service providers are out to con us.

If they had any intention of protecting their customer’s interest then:

  • Since the service providers receive the payment directly from the customer, the customer should get his cashback directly from the service provider

  • Since the services provider gets paid by direct debit, no one needs to provide anybody with receipts of payment or be late with the cashback claim

Not following these 2 actions is a deliberate attempt by the service providers to ensure that their customers can be easily conned.

Click Mobile UK Ltd has been making money from the "commission" it receives from the network providers. They are supposed to keep a small amount and a give a large amount back to users.

Some users forget to claim the cashback, others forget to claim on time or lose their contracts. Either way the customer loses out.

This only goes to show that a cashback deal with a company that is not a reputable high street chain, or the service provider, is a huge gamble.

With hindsight the sad reality is that users signed 2 contracts with 2 companies for a single phone line. The cashback offer can often cloud this vital warning sign.

If an offer seems too good to be true then the alarm bells should ring about how much you could lose instead of save.
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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Ealing's Parking Services to be tested?

Ealing Councillors will go undercover to find out what it's like to receive a parking ticket.

This is to see if the Council's Parking Service is being well run and whether resident permit holders and other motorists are being treated fairly.

The services to be tested are such as buying a parking permit, reclaiming a vehicle from the car pound or challenging or paying a fine.

The people under scrutiny for a few weeks will be fully aware of this and will be on their best behaviour.

The result for people in Southall can only be:
  • residents/shoppers temporarily get a better service

  • and make this test a redundant exercise as it would not be monitoring the real situation
The council would be better advised to spell out exactly when a person can be booked and when the parking attendant has stepped out of line to earn his bonus.
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Friday, 10 August 2007

Lousy NatWest Business Service

Already got a business account with NatWest and thinking of applying for a “Business Charge Card” (Credit card for limited companies), then read about the experiences of one Southall business before you apply for one.

“To apply, you need to visit your nearest branch to arrange a meeting with your local Business Manager.” – Who more than likely does not work at your local branch?

By a stroke of luck, you receive an application form in the post. You fill it in and post it. After 3 weeks of waiting, you phone the credit card people only to be told that they have no record of your application.

You ring up your local Business Manager and get no response because he is on holiday.
You ring up the NatWest Business line, where they note down your problem but pass it onto your local Business Manager, who after coming back from holiday, investigates it and says they have no record of your application.

After having wasted 4 weeks, would you like to make an appointment to meet your local Branch Manager to discuss your needs or just let him to post another application form to you?

“Ok, I will pop over and fill in the application to avoid any further delay.”

“Sorry, not this week. I am a fully booked up NatWest Business Manager, how about next week?”


How long does the process normally takes. About 3 weeks I am told (4 weeks if you include getting hold of the application form first).

Is the Sole Trader credit card application any Different?
NatWest are king enough to provide their Sole traders with the useless information that it only “takes a few minutes” to fill in their online application but nothing at all about how long they will take to process their application.

Do large high street banks really operate at this amazing speed?
How do they make billions by providing such lousy service?
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Saturday, 21 July 2007

How much are 5 Labour Councillors worth?

When 5 Labour councillors in Southall defected to the Conservatives, it was seen as fantastic news for them.

The Conservatives were even talking of winning in Southall. These councillors urged their supporter to vote for the Conservatives. Did they? By the looks of the general election results, the voters totally ignored the defectors advice.

The only people who took their advice were probably their own families, the rest of the voters stay put. This just goes to show that the voter’s allegiance is with the political party and not the councillors

The only way these councillors could have taken "some" of the voters with them was by having demonstrated some leadership/success on some important local issue instead of lots of unresolved issues outstanding, after years and years of being in office.

Will these councillors be re-elected? If this election results in Southall is anything to go by, that looks unlikely.
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