Monday, 1 October 2007

Are McDonalds really offering Halal food in Southall?

Are McDonalds really offering Muslims a Halal chicken menu option in Southall? Make up your own mind after reading this article.

McDonalds have set up a website called make up your own mind and want to give the impression that they wants the customers to decide. The website does not provide the customers with any facts other than marketing gobble-dee-gook .

McDonalds have 2 serious unanswered questions:
  • McDonalds is keen to tell the customer that animal is slaughtered according to the Islamic rules. If they wanted the customer to make up his own mind, then McDonalds would describe their slaughtering process and let their customers decide whether it is halal or not.

  • Right in front of McDonalds in Southall is a large well attended mosque, the Abubakr Mosque. Do the members of the Abubakr Mosque consider McDonalds offerings to be halal?
Without a detailed response from McDonalds to these very 2 serious questions, the customer is in no position to decide whether McDonalds offering is halal or not.

Under these circumstances, the only conclusion to be drawn is that McDonalds offering are NOT halal.

To be fairly certain that you are eating halal food, go the McDonalds website and ask these simple but serious questions and see if McDonalds are prepared to answer them. They have had lots of time to prepare for them.

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