Monday, 1 October 2007

Click Mobile UK Ltd customers conned out of thousands?

Click Mobile UK Ltd with offices in Southall and Hounslow is in serious difficulties. The shops have been shut throughtout September, the phones no longer work and the website is no longer operational.

The chances of any customer getting a cashback are non-existent. Nearby residents have been telling a constant flow of cash back caller that the business has been shut for 6 weeks.

Most customers only took the mobile offers due to the large amount of cashback offered. Those desperately relying on the cashback can’t afford to pay any more bills. Talking to the service providers to move to lower tariffs or cancel the contracts without incurring further charges have little chance of success.

This is due to the fact that as long as your phones work, the service providers have done nothing wrong and cannot be held accountable. The cashback deal was with Click Mobile UK Ltd.

It is amazing that in this day and age the service providers are out to con us.

If they had any intention of protecting their customer’s interest then:

  • Since the service providers receive the payment directly from the customer, the customer should get his cashback directly from the service provider

  • Since the services provider gets paid by direct debit, no one needs to provide anybody with receipts of payment or be late with the cashback claim

Not following these 2 actions is a deliberate attempt by the service providers to ensure that their customers can be easily conned.

Click Mobile UK Ltd has been making money from the "commission" it receives from the network providers. They are supposed to keep a small amount and a give a large amount back to users.

Some users forget to claim the cashback, others forget to claim on time or lose their contracts. Either way the customer loses out.

This only goes to show that a cashback deal with a company that is not a reputable high street chain, or the service provider, is a huge gamble.

With hindsight the sad reality is that users signed 2 contracts with 2 companies for a single phone line. The cashback offer can often cloud this vital warning sign.

If an offer seems too good to be true then the alarm bells should ring about how much you could lose instead of save.

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