Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Economy cuts as Southall Post Office?

The Post Office on Southall Broadways gives the impression that it is cutting costs.

It's a bad idea to walk into the main Post office on Southall Broadway, after a Bank Holiday, as it might be very busy.

Surely the rush would be over by the late afternoon. No so.

It has always had a single orderly queue but today it was very confusing.queues half way down. Not very surprising when you have a lot of Asians involved! There is the marked and official old queue and another dodgy one being created half way down. Which one do I follow? The other one if for express deliveries? No, it is for the car road tax people?

Surely, the people behind the counters realise there might be a problem?

Next person for desk 7, please.
"Oi, I am next. Don't you know there is a queue?"
"But I am in the queue."

What is the fuss/mess all about?

A few minutes later, a Post office person comes out to sort things out.
There are 8 possible counters but counter 6 is for special deliveries and road tax queries. See, it has notice on it, the official explains. It has its own queue but there are no signs to say so. People are supposed to work it for themselves or be good at mind reading.

You would expect this counter to be on one side but that would be asking too much. I can only guess that blocking service counters by a secondary queue is more sensible according to the Post Office think tank.

Only 2 stupid mistakes? No.

It was hot and humid inside. There were a lot of people aswell. There were a lot of fans in the post Office but no one bothered to turn one ON.

Can't be bothered to turn on the fans on a hot and humid day.
Can't be bothered to put up a sign to say there are 2 queues and why?

Very uncaring, stressful and time wasting experience.

Just like a car visit to Ealing Hospital.
Need to cough up a minimum of £3.50 for the privilege.
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