Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Ban the Hindu extremist group RSS

A human rights National Conference was held on Saturday 27th October in Southall to alert the public on the activities of Hindu extremist groups like the RSS.

The objective was to “to help stop the persecution of Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and Daljits within India by Hindu extremists groups such as the RSS by signing a petition (to Prime Minister Gordon Brown) to ban the RSS in the United Kingdom”.

The conference was attended by Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and Jain community leaders.

These included Lord Nazir Ahmed, Avtar Singh Sanghra(Babbar), Tarsem singh (British Sikh council), Gurcharan Singh (Dal Khalsa), Manmohan Singh Khalsa (World Muslim Sikh Federation), Nazar Lodhi (World Muslim Sikh Federation), Sonil (Buddhist community India), Dr Mokel Hazaraka (Assam watch) Hindu community leader and Adran Chada (British Muslim Youth Federation UK).

All the leaders collectively wanted a ban on the RSS and as there was no place for such an organisation in the UK which stood for human rights and tolerance for all communities.

They urged the public to sign the petition (to Prime Minister Gordon Brown) to outlaw and ban the RSS as a Terror Group in the United Kingdom.

The petition which started on July 12, 2007 will remain open for signatures until July 12, 2008. The total number of signatures required to get the RSS banned is 10,000.

The petition states that:

“The RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), is a Hindu Extremist Organisation based within India but receives a large part of its funding from countries such as the UK.

RSS believes that only Hindus should reside within India, the minorities should either come into the Hindu fold or be wiped out. The organisation wish to create a Hindu Super State of Hindutva, Hindu, Hindi and Hindustan. There is no place for minorities.”

The RSS have actively been trying to distort and destroy Sikh history and practises by modifying the history and books.

A Sikh video documentary on Youtube,
Tabhe Ros Jageo, documents what the RSS do. They claim all who reside in India are part of the Hindu ‘Family’.

The organisation had a major role in the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat, along with the destruction of the Babri masjid in Ayodha. The RSS also supported the Indian military attack on the Golden Temple and Sikh genocide in 1984.

The RSS takes its inspiration from Hitler and his Nazi party’s pure race ideology, a recent channel 4 documentary “The Indian miracle?” documents this.

We cannot have groups such as the RSS who spread hate and terror being funded from a nation such as the UK, which values Human Rights and Liberty.

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