Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Pure Gold?

‘Pure Gold?’ is CAFOD's new photographic exhibition which reveals the truth behind the glamour of gold through striking images and accounts from three continents.

The exhibition opens in London on 21 May and then tours the UK.

Gold is the symbol of love, status, wealth and power. The sheer number of jewellers on Southall Broadway shows the addiction Asians have with gold.

Yet, for many communities in developing countries it symbolises environmental destruction and toxic pollution. One gold ring produces 18 tonnes of waste rock, which polutes water supplies with toxins.

See the reality in the Democratic Republic of Congo – where gold mining has contributed to a cycle of violence and poverty.

Hear the voices of communities in Honduras whose water supplies have been poisoned.

Meet the indigenous people fighting back in the Philippines after seeing their sacred mountain destroyed to make way for a gold mine.

Visit the exhibition and discover how you can help turn gold from a curse into a blessing for the countries where it is mined.

The London exhibition is running from May 21th to June 1st 2008.
The admission is free and the Oxo gallery is open daily 11am-6pm.
Find out more about the exhibition.

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