Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Who is whipping up war hysteria?

When the Mumbai attack occurred on 26th November 2008, Indian officials were quick to accuse Pakistan of involvement in some manner.

Yet, they waited until this Monday to provide Islamabad with any evidence.

Then today, the next day, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accuses Pakistan of involvement by saying that due to the "sophistication and military precision of the attack it must have had the support of some official agencies in Pakistan".

He goes on to say "Today, …Pakistan engages in whipping up war hysteria.”

Is this man seriously expecting Islamabad to fully co-operate by making these baseless public accusations”?

Who is whipping up the war hysteria?

Pakistan has not had the time to look at the evidence, if any, let alone evaluate it. They have said they will co-operate fully.

All it needs is for the “war mongers” to shut up, for a just a short time, while the evidence is examined.

It took the Indian government 6 minutes to accuse Pakistan, it took them 6 weeks to produce any evidence.

How long have they waited for a response?

Six minutes?

No sign of brain activity there.

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