Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Iraqi corruption is widespread

It comes as no surprise that another report concludes that Iraqi government corruption is rife.

The worst offenders are - in no particular order - the ministries of defence, interior, finance, education and health.

"The report does not even scratch the surface of what goes on. Millions, billions of dollars are being stolen," says an Iraqi MP and member of the parliamentary anti-corruption committee.

"The problem is that senior officials are never punished in Iraq," she said.

Many Iraqis depend on free "government food rations" to survive. The ministry of trade is accused of making millions by selling the food aid to traders. These are openly on sale in the bustling Shorja market in Baghdad.

"Under Saddam things were bad, but now they are worse," said a former political exile and opponent of Saddam Hussain.

According to the anti-corruption group Transparency International, Iraq is one of the most corrupt places in the world, third only to Burma and Somalia.

Those who put together these anti-corruption reports, either have law suits filed against them by the acccused Iraqi ministry or get shot in the streets of Baghdad.

Completely new constitution.
Completly new administration.

What has changed for better?

Was it worth all the destruction and bloodshed?

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