Sunday, 25 October 2009

Christianity and BNP?

Is being a Christian compaible with supporting the BNP?

If you wanted to know something about the core values of Christianity, then the person to ask should be a knowledgeable expert.

One such person is the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey.

After watching BBC's Question Time, Lord Carey described the BNP’s policies as "despicable" and nothing to do with Christianity.

Lord Carey described Nick Griffin as a "squalid racist" who was trying to "hijack one of the world's great religions".

Being a Christian is not merely believing in Jesus. If your actions are not based on Christian values then you are NOT a Christian.

The UK is based on Christian values.
Being a Christian is not compatible with being a supporter of the BNP.

If you believe it is compatible then the only person you are deluding is


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