Monday, 30 November 2009

Mumbai suspect's lawyer is sacked

The trial court judge has removed the main lawyer for the leading suspect in last November's deadly Mumbai attacks in the city.

The judge said Abbas Kazmi was "not co-operating" and delaying proceedings.


The leading suspect, Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, originally denied the charges against him but in July, he admitted his role and to be hanged.

There will be a total of 340 witnesses.
The defendant has pleaded guilty, so why does the prosecution need 340 witnesses?

The court wants Mr Kazmi to choose 71 out of 340 witnesses for cross-examination.

How the hell does he know what the witnesses are going to say?
To defend his client (his legal duty), he can only decide after the witness has given testimony.

Is Kazmi "not co-operating with the court in the interest of justice"?
Or is it

The judge "not co-operating in the interest of justice”.

The defendant has pleaded guilty and is to be hanged. No one will object. The punishment fits the crime. There is no need to call a single witness.

If you still want to present 340 witnesses, for some other reason, then they SHOULD be cross-examined, if the defence (NOT THE JUDGE) think it necessary.

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