Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Charity Iftar Dinner for Pakistan flood relief

The Hopes for Help Foundation charity holds fund raising dinner in support of the Pakistan flood victims in Southall.

The charity iftari dinner was held on Sunday 22nd March 2010 at 8pm in Chaudhry's TKC restaurant on Southall Broadway.

The entry donation was £25 per person which can provide a food package for a family. Dalawar Chaudhry contributed to the appeal which meant that the actual cost of the dinner would be virtually free.

A person who has been to the affected areas said that a family was lucky to have a tent with a single manji (bed) in it. Food was something else.

You would go out in the middle of the night to ensure that you have everything for breakfast. These people have nothing, have had nothing for weeks, so you can understand their despair and frustration and need to feed their family.

The cricket ball with which Amir Khan claimed 5 wickets to win the recent 3rd Test match against England was auctioned for £200.

A genuine BOOM cricket bat signed by Pakistani cricketers was auctioned for £300.

A photograph of Imran Khan claiming his 500th test wicket, which hung in Imran Khan's home, was also auctioned.

Pakistan is still ruled by illiterate feudal lords. They don't understand that it is their job to serve the people and the country. They are not prepared to get their hands diry to help the people.

Rather than complaining that some one is not doing their job properly, middle class individuals should stand up and offer their skills in their specific field, for the betterment of Pakistan.

Choose any route you like but do something.
We need to bring change in Pakistan.

I have never felt at ease at asking for money. But for the sake of the flood victims of Pakistan, I have no hesitation in getting my nose dirty, knowing that even £2 would mean a lot to some poor souls in Pakistan.

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