Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Extreme snow causes Southall school closures

Most of the schools in Southall were closed on Monday and Tuesday due to the the worst snowfall in 18 years.

The Southall & West London College on Beaconsfield Road was closed on Monday and Tueday.

Featherstone High School on Montague Waye on Monday and Tueday.

Hambrough Primary School on South Road wass closed on Monday and Tueday.

Villiers High School on Boyd Avenue was the odd one out. It was open on Monday and only sent year 7 to 9 home in the morning.

It was also open on Tuesday, although not many children turned up.

Villiers High School needs to improve its communication ability.
It is extremely difficult to phone in the morning and get through to the school.

Featherstone High School is the only enlightened school, which lets parents/students know via its website, whether it is open or closed.

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