Thursday, 19 February 2009

Southall Traders unhappy with parking issues

Southall Broadway traders met on Wednesday morning at Chaudhry’s TKC to demand that Ealing Council do something about their parking problems.

At the last Southall Broadway Forum meeting, one attendee joked that visitors to Southall think they are no longer in England.

Not because Southall resembles "Little India" but because of the different parking restriction enforced here (up to 8pm and on sundays aswell).

Yesterday, the Southall business people repeated this as well as "Southall has been neglected."

Shortage of parking space is an old and known problem.

Instead of opening a McDonalds on Southall Broadway, Ealing Council could have solved the problem with a car park. The local traders are also extremely unhappy at the outrageous clamping practices at the McDonalds car park.

The Northcote Hotel was a large derelict property which could have been used as a car park. This was discussed with the Council. But while discussions were going on, unknown to council officials, the planing department approved it for residential use.

Another missed opportunity.

One of the reasons no progress has been made is that the head of the Ealing parking services keeps changing every year.

Ealing Council is asking people experiencing difficulty during the current credit crunch to get in touch with them, to see if they qualify for any assistance.

The business is feeling the credit crunch and their biggest problem is the parking restrictions that are deterring customers.

They want Ealing Council to support them, just like other Council support their businesses.

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