Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Another anti-terror operations fiasco

Another major anti-terror operations fails to uncover even a minor crime, again.

The Prime minister is briefed on another major anti-terror operation. He wastes no time in announcing it to the world.

The only problem is.
There was no evidence at the start.
And there is no evidence NOW.

12 men, 10 with student visas were arrested in raids in Liverpool, Manchester and Clitheroe.

After 13 days in custody, no evidence of any wrongdoing was discovered and they were released without charge.

They are innocent of any crime.

Yet, eleven of the Pakistani students are now in UK Border Agency custody and face deportation because no evidence of any wrong doing has been found.

Pakistan's high commissioner to the UK said:
"They are youngsters from very poor families...they spent all their savings and came here with passports and visas to pursue their education and they should be allowed... to pursue their education," he said.

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